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Frequently Asked Questions

Please choose a topic below to get answers to our most common questions about our company and products.

1. Wild Oats Brand and Products

What does the Wild Oats brand stand for?
What is the difference between Wild Oats Marketplace™, Wild Oats Marketplace™ Organic, and Wild Oats Marketplace™ Originals?
Are you planning to include more fresh grocery options such as produce and meat in your range of organic offerings?
Are all the products made in the United States?
Can I apply for a job at Wild Oats?

2. All About Organic

How are you able to provide organic products at such low costs?
Are Wild Oats Marketplace Organic items truly organic?
How do you ensure the farmers you use are certified organic?

3. Ingredients and Allergens

How do you make sure your products are appropriate for people with certain allergies?
Do Wild Oats products use artificial flavors, or colors derived from artificial sources?
What do you mean by “real” and “simple” ingredients?
Are your products in packaging that is BPA Free?

4. Where to Find Wild Oats

Where can I Find Wild Oats?
In how many Walmart stores is Wild Oats currently available?
Will Wild Oats be available in other countries?
My store does not carry all the Wild Oats products you feature on the website. Will you be expanding the selection in my store?
Don’t see an answer to your question, or curious about something else? Email us here: info@wildoats.com