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Angelika Torres is the Chief Financial Officer of Wild Oats, a mother of two, a wife, and a wearer of improbably chic high heels. Currently living in Dallas, TX, she moved from Russia to Colorado at the age of 16, where she has built a career as a Finance Executive at a number of high profile retail companies. A foodie married to a life-saver (her husband, Fernando, is a lung transplant physician), she strives to raise her 2 boys, ages 6 and 3, in the rich epicurean tradition of her father, the Chef. By all accounts, she is succeeding admirably- both of her boys, true to their Russian roots, love caviar, and her dinner parties are hotly pursued invitations.

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Father’s Day Blog – Food is a Universal Language of Love

father and child hands

Fathers….they are strong and stoic yet somehow wonderfully soft; protective and strict, yet they find the courage to let us go on our first date or hold our hand super tight hiding tears as they walk us down the aisle. 

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