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Karen Shepard lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. Her interest in food and alternative lifestyles began in the 60s when the evolving consciousness about the food we eat and how it effects on our heath and the world we live in, was just beginning to take root. On a long acre min-farm in Pennsylvania with her husband and kids, she raised chickens, had a goat, and pursued cooperative gardening with friends. As part of the movement toward holistic medicine she studied spiritual midwifery, and experimented with recipes for things like Zucchini Canoes and Soy Bean Burritos until her children were big enough to form organized protests. She has launched two small business start-ups, Storyshirts and Good Dog Coffee, as well as taught and worked with at-risk kids at Campfire USA. Currently she enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and sharing the benefits of her experience with her three grandkids.

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Tackle Inflammation with Turmeric + Tea Recipe

The first thing that probably comes to mind when someone says “turmeric,” is India, or maybe Tandoori Chicken. You may have heard that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, but who would have thought it could fight

Beating Fall Allergies

This article conveys a personal experience and is no way intended as medical advice. Please always consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplements. As we move into fall, some of us find our allergies flaring up again. I

Consider Capers For Flavor, Romance and Health!

If you have been out of town for the past few years – like say on Jupiter, you may have missed some of the excitement about the Mediterranean diet. Along with its cousin Paleo, the Mediterranean way has attracted a

Breathe The Weight Off?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just breathe the weight off? Well, there is research to suggest that is exactly what we are doing when we lose weight. Wait, what about calories and counting steps and all of that? According

Stalk Up on Celery for Better Sex and Less Stress

It seems like I’m always foraging around looking for something to carry us through to the next market stop. Recently I was making chicken salad and there just wasn’t enough chicken. I had already added grapes and walnuts and the

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