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Oatie is a shared profile empowered to answer your questions on behalf of the Wild Oats brand. You can find out more about our team by viewing their profiles on our Voices page, and are welcome to reach out to any of us directly. We want to hear from you, and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and questions with us.

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Is Hydroponic Farming Organic?

Here at Wild Oats we’re all about organics and informing our community on how to nourish their bodies and minds with the best. In most recent news, it’s hydroponic and aquaponic farming, in fact, this alternative method of producing fruits

Five Thanksgiving Sides Dishes You Need to Try

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and although the talk is all about Turkey, sides might be my favorite part of the entire meal. While on the hunt for some new favorite side dishes, I found these delicious recipes that

Wild Oats Announces Next Step in Affordable Organics Movement

First off, we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our amazing customers for their ongoing support as we continue to lead the effort to make affordable organics available to all. As many of you know, Wild Oats has

Week 59: Mission Monday: Do You Get Crazy With Ketchup?

We’ve been known to top our eggs with Wild Oats Organic Ketchup from time to time, but we know there are stranger combinations out there. Share with us your weirdest, yet most delicious ketchup/food combo on our Twitter or Facebook

Week 58: Mission Monday: Olive Oil: Not Just For The Pan

Besides cooking, olive oil has been known to help with a number of beauty and health benefits, and we’re curious to hear more about them. How do you use Wild Oats olive oil outside of the kitchen? Share with us

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