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Sebrina Zerkus Smith is a Southern Gal who has been scratching the writer’s itch for nearly 30 years. Her career began on Capitol Hill in 1987, fresh out of college and full of ideals. Eventually, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a novelist. She paid her bills by working as a freelance writer for major marketing projects from studios such as CBS, NBC and Disney. Realizing the future of writing lay with the internet, she began blogging back in the 90’s, before it was even called “blogging.” Over the past 10 years she has written articles for clients such as Greenopolis, MatterMore, MacAddict, Yahoo, CNN and more. Today, Sebrina writes about a variety of topics, including the Southern Experience, sustainability, food, gardening and her obsession with pugs. She lives in Houston, Texas.

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Grill Up Cast Iron 4th Of July Favorites!

Blackberry cobbler made in a cast iron skillet

You don’t need to be intimidated about using your cast iron skillet outdoors.  Cast iron works perfectly on an outdoor grill.  So for the Independence Day holiday, why not put your cast iron skillet to the test and grill up

The Dirty Truth About Keeping Your Kitchen Sink Clean

What is the dirtiest place in your home?  I bet you said the toilet, didn’t you.  But you’re wrong.  The dirtiest place in your home is your kitchen sink. Keeping your kitchen sink clean is an important part of a

7 Super Foods To Supercharge Your Brain

We’ve all had days when we didn’t feel like we were on our game.   However, by choosing super foods, we can supercharge our brain and it’s precious gray matter to improve brain function.  Here are some brainy choices for keeping

Are You Confused About Fiber?

Green diet questions concept as a group of fresh fruit and vegetables in the shape of a question mark as a symbol of good high fiber healthy eating and information on natural nutrition.

Fiber, fiber, fiber… We’re told to get as much as we can into our diet. We’re told it’s good for our heart, will help control our weight and might even help prevent disease. But what is it, where do I

6 Most Poisonous Everyday Foods


Surprising but true, many foods that we eat everyday are toxic if stored, prepared or consumed improperly. Below is a list of the 6 most poisonous everyday foods. Fruit Pits. Fruit seeds or pits, such as apricot kernels, apple seeds,

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