10 Best Ways To Conserve Water

What’s that old saying?  Water, water, everywhere–and not a drop to drink?  Well, it’s truer than you might think.  Turns out that less than 10% of the water on earth is drinkable.  Keep this staggering stat in mind the next time you leave the faucet running while you brush your teeth!

Water conservation is one of the most important things we can do to help future generations.  So pick out a few of the ideas below and start being a water miser.

10 Ways To Conserve Water

1. Locate Your Master Water Shut-Off Valve. It’s important to know where the master shut-off for your water is. This could be helpful if there is a leak – both for protecting your home and for saving water.

2. Get to know your water meter.  Your water meter is a good way to check for leaks. Read your water meter and write down the number. Do not use any water for at least two hours and then go back to check the meter again. If the readings are different, you have a water leak.

3. Reuse Bath Towels. Use bath towels more than once. You are drying a clean body; they should not be dirty enough to wash after each use.

4. Take Shorter Showers. Get wet, lather up and then turn the water on to rinse.

5. Choose Landscaping Plants Wisely. Plant drought tolerant plants in your yard and let Mother Nature do your watering!  Or, if you do use a sprinkler, make sure the water hits the lawn instead of paved areas

6. Check Pipes And Faucets For Leaks. This is probably the easiest thing you can do to conserve water in your home.  Fixing a leak could easily save 20 or more gallons per day.

7. Fill Up Your Dishwasher And Washing Machine.  Make sure your dishwasher and clothes washer are full before starting them. You’ll do fewer loads and save more water.

8. Choose Another Cycle. Avoid the permanent press cycle when using the clothes washer. It uses an average of 5 extra gallons per load.

9. Don’t Let Water Run In The Sink.  Whether you’re brushing your teeth or washing the dishes by hand, either fill the sink with water or turn off the tap.  You could save 5 or more gallons each time.

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