10 Fun End Of Summer Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids

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Summer is almost over and back to school pressures will soon begin.  So why not enjoy every single ray of summer-sun fun you can.  So grab your kids and get crackin’!  Don’t let the last moments of summer pass you by.

Below is a list of some late-summer fun ideas.  Make selecting an activity part of the fun!  For example, write the ideas on strips of paper and draw an activity out of a hat.  Or let each family member choose one activity they want the family to do.  Or mix it up and have girl-choice day, then boy-choice day.  It really doesn’t matter how you choose an idea, or even what you do.  The important thing is to enjoy your family together-time.

10 Fun End Of Summer Activities To Enjoy With Your Kids

1. Have a water balloon fight!

2. Pitch a tent and sleep outdoors.  Or even better, drag the sleeping bags out and sleep under the stars.

3. Collect seashells, leaves, interesting stones or flowers and create a collage or treasure box to keep them.  Remember to take them out next summer so you can remember all the fun you had collecting them!

4. Go fishing.

5. Pick fresh blueberries or blackberries.  Bring them home and make pancakes or cobbler and eat your creation together.  Or simply eat them out-of-hand!  Have a contest to see who has the bluest tongue!

6. Go to the park and play on the jungle gym, swing set and slides.

7. Spend an evening in Paris! (Or any fun destination!)  No, you don’t need plane tickets— just your imagination.  Plan a meal of french food, listen to french music and attempt to speak in french (even if you’re making up the words as you go along!)  Wear berets while reading about France, or watching a French movie.

8. Enjoy an outdoor shower.  Next time a wonderful summer rain begins, run outside and enjoy it!  Raincoat and goulashes optional.

9. Play Marco Polo, Red Rover or any other fun water game at the pool.

10. Eat ice cold watermelon, and let he juices run down your chin.  Save the seeds and have a seed spitting contest!

Summer is coming to a close, but there’s still time to enjoy those last warm days to the fullest.

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