2 Videos to Watch Now! NO MORE ‘Brown Food’ in School Lunch, ASAP

Since it’s National School Lunch week, and as a follow-up to my blog, No More ‘Brown Food’, ASAP, here are two highly entertaining (No joke!) and informative videos to educate yourself and your kids on American school lunch.

1. Yuck. http://www.yuckmovie.com/ Follow Zachary, a NYC 4th grader, as he documents 6 months of pitiful public school lunch. Notice the lack of vegetables, and all the unhealthy BROWN FOOD!

2. Lunch Hour Movie. http://www.lunchhourmovie.org/ Listen as celebrities, Rachael Ray and Robin Quivers, and experts in the field, such as Marion Nestle, discuss their take on the American school lunch system, as “an excellent source of obesity.”

Please take the time, along with your kids, to watch these videos. Our livelihood depends on healthy change within the American school food system.

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