5 Quick Breakfasts For College Students

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Of course you want to give your kids a healthy start to their day, even if they’re miles away at college.  So here are 5 delicious and quick breakfast ideas that’ll get them out the door on time, without sacrificing nutrition.

  1. Mug Scramble – Spray a large coffee mug with cooking spray.  Add 1 or 2 eggs and whisk with a fork until combined.   Add any toppings you like, such as shredded cheese, diced red or green peppers, jalapenos, crumbled bacon or ham.  Stir and microwave for about 90 seconds.  Stir and enjoy.  Want to get out the door even quicker?  Put your scramble into a whole wheat tortilla and add a spoon of salsa.  Tadaa!  Breakfast burrito to go.
  2. Keurig Oatmeal – The hot water that makes such good coffee and hot chocolate will also make great instant oatmeal.  Add hot water to plain instant oatmeal in a mug.  Dollop on all-fruit spread, berries, and a splash of milk for a hearty start to your morning.  Or stir in chopped apples, honey and sprinkle of cinnamon for a taste of fall.
  3. Cheese and Crackers – You really can’t beat this fast breakfast.  Whole wheat crackers paired with a slice or two of your favorite cheese.  This quickie can even be put together the night before and stored in the fridge, which allows maximum sleeping-in time. Feeling fancy?  Try brie and shredded wheat crackers.  Feeling international?  How about swiss and water crackers?  Or how about whole wheat crackers and sharp cheddar?  Any way you slice it, you really can’t go wrong.
  4. Greek Yogurt – Yogurt has quite a bit to recommend it, such as calcium, healthy probiotics, plus protein.  And greek yogurt is higher in protein than other yogurts, making it a great quick breakfast. But skip the flavored varieties, which can contain loads of sugar. Instead opt for plain, and enjoy it the way the Greeks do — drizzled with honey.  Add in some chopped dried apricots and slivered almonds, and you have a hearty breakfast that will keep you going until lunch time.
  5. PPB & H – What was once called “pocket bread” we now know is a pita.  And it makes a great peanut butter and honey sandwich!  Half a pita and open to form a pocket.  Add peanut butter and a drizzle of honey.  Peanut butter is a great shelf-stable source of protein.  Throw in some sliced banana, apple or pear and your PPB & H is now loaded with extra fiber and vitamins, too. Plus, the pocket of the pita means nothing falls out of your sandwich on the way to class.

These quick and healthy options will make sure your college kid can get out the door without missing the most important meal of the day.


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