8 Bright Ideas For Using Old Christmas Cards

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I look forward to the Christmas greetings I get each year. And because I’m now receiving more e-cards and fewer traditional cards, the cards I do receive seem even more beautiful and sentimental. Many of the cards are truly keepsakes, and I began to wonder what I might do with them after Christmas other than throw them in a box in the attic. I came up with a few ideas for using old Christmas cards, and though I’d share them with my readers.

8 Bright Ideas For Using Old Christmas Cards

Frame them. Framed cards make lovely decor for your home. My husband’s uncle is an artist, and each year he sends a different, handmade and numbered card. I’ve kept all of them and am framing several of them. They will make wonderful Christmas decorations next year. Some are beautiful enough to leave out all year. And, if you get a greeting card with a family photo on it, why not frame it? This way you have an up-to-date photo of your loved ones. You can also frame Christmas cards just because you think they’re pretty. What about framing a snowy winter scene, or a sweet floral card?

Make a bookmark. Trim a Christmas card into several rectangles and use as a bookmark. Write the date and an inspiring message on the back and share them with friends.

Start a keepsake memory book. Each year, paste or tape cards into an album. Make notes about the cards or about the loved ones who sent them. In just a few short years, you’ll have a scrapbook to remind you of all that’s happened over the years.

Create votive candle holders. Collect small glass jars such as baby food jars, jelly jars or votive holders you already have on hand. Cut strips from your old Christmas cards and use to wrap around the outside of the jars. Be sure to leave some space at the top and bottom of the strip for the candle wax and flame. Or, cut small shapes such as stars or circles from the cards and glue in a pattern around the jars. Gold, silver or glittery cards look especially pretty.

Make scented sachets. Simply glue the bottom and side edges of a card together.  When dry, fill the “envelope” with a small amount of potpourri (or a cotton ball sprinkled with your favorite essential oil).  Using a hole punch, make two holes on the top edge, tie together with a pretty ribbon.  If you leave a loop in the ribbon, you can hang the sachets on door handles, coat hooks or radiators. Your whole house will smell wonderful.

Make Gift Tags for Next Year. Cut out pictures, and using a hole punch, make a hole at the top of each card. Tie with ribbon or string. Store for use next year.

Make thank you notes. Cut shapes from cards and write your thank you notes on the blank side. Especially cute if you received a gift from the person who sent the card, and a great way to help kids remember to send their thank you notes.

Make handmade cards for next year. Cut cards in half, leaving the blank side. Fold in half again and use as a small card to write greetings on for next year. Or use the entire blank side as a post card.

These are just a few ideas to help get you started. I’ll bet you think of some great ideas of your own, too.

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