Add This Nutritious, Delicious Thing to Your Coffee…

Put Organic Coconut in your coffee? It may sound weird, but it is delicious. No, it’s more than that, it’s truly devoon!

Organic coconut oil added to coffee is trending all over the web right now. It’s one of the most popular ways to replace the usual creamer or milk with a healthy shot of organic coconut oil.

I love the taste of coconut oil. And when I found out about all the health benefits of coconut and coconut oil, well, it was a done deal! But I’ll admit I was skeptical about trying it in my coffee.

Well, I was wrong. And I’m sorry I waited so long to try it. The secret is to blend it all up in a blender! Whipped up together, the coffee and organic coconut oil create a frothy coffee beverage that tastes very much like a traditional latte —  but has a better health profile.

It won’t make your coffee sweet, so don’t expect your coffee to taste like a Mounds Bar. It doesn’t even really taste like coconut, it’s such a small amount. But what you will get is all the benefits of using organic coconut oil in an easy-to-prepare and tasty morning drink that will keep you going until lunch. This is a great recipe for those that are watching their carbs or who follow a Paleo or clean eating plan. But it’s also a great Saturday morning treat for anybody!

Coffee With Organic Coconut Oil

Serves 2

2 cups black coffee, very hot

1-3 teaspoons Organic Coconut Oil according to taste)

1 teaspoon organic, unsalted butter (optional)**

Sweetener of your choice, such as stevia or sugar (optional)

Put all into a blender. Blend until coconut oil is melted and incorporated and beverage is frothy. Pour into a mug and enjoy!

**Be sure to use only unsalted butter.

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