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Recently, I met with a young medical doctor. He is looking at the entire medical care industry differently, and questioning why we do things the way we do. For instance, why are certain medications, surgeries, and procedures prescribed — just because they are standard operating procedure? Well, in fact, none of us are the same, and medicine shouldn’t be one size fits all.

I was captivated by this young doctor, who is looking at the world in a totally different way. In my mind, I saw so much potential for this MD. I was thinking, wow! This guy is the next Surgeon General! His future is so bright, what a joy it was to be sitting with him.

So I had to ask him, what did he aspire to be? He paused, looked at me like, really? You are asking that question? He was caught a little off guard. I did not press him, but then began a dialogue on my contribution to his career, which was not going to be from a business perspective at all. My contribution was going to be continually asking him to Aspire to Greatness!  Every day. Visualize being the next Dr Oz. Visualize being the next Jonas Salk.

So, it reminded me that we all have absolutely incredible skills —incredible skills that no one else has except us. No one else has our individual, unique perspective on the world.

So how are you going to Aspire To Greatness today? Will you visualizing the life you want? The accomplishments and bounty you deserve?

The first step is to identify your aspiration, write it down, and put some interesting details around it  —feel it, smell it and start being it. Yup, start being it today and it will happen.

There are so many steps you can take immediately to get you back on your path to greatness.

By just visualizing your aspiration, you are creating momentum. By telling the first person you see today what you are doing gives it more energy. Go online, start reading about the subject. Start becoming an expert. Each day, visualize your aspiration. Visualize the greatness and take one action to make it a reality, and it will happen.

This is the process that all people that accomplish greatness go through. And today, with the tools you have available, like the web, you can become an expert, an accomplished artist or even a performer.

There is only one step you need to take. You just have to chose to start. That is the one thing that all famous authors, artist, performers, doctors and scientists have in common… They all started when they where not famous. In the same way that you are right now, they took one step — every day — towards their aspiration. And then one day, they looked up — or saw a billboard with their mug on it, or heard a song they recorded on the radio — and they paused and said, “Thanks!”  Because they had accomplished everything they visualized and aspired to… Just like you will! Yup, guaranteed!



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