Back To The Future – Vinegar Part 1

Vin aigre – or “sour wine.” It seems that through time, vinegar has been assigned as the cure for every ailment known to man. Now sitting idle in most pantries, it is often overlooked and under-used in favor of the many modern medicinal, cleaning and cooking options that have replaced it.  As an affordable and shelf stable substance, with literally hundreds of applications, it is one that is worth revisiting.

Have you looked under your kitchen sink or in your bathroom cabinet recently?

Yikes! How did all that stuff get in there? Would you be surprised if I told you that more than half of the cleaning and medicinal agents you have taking up cabinet real estate could be replaced by simple vinegar? Its true, but like many cleaning solutions, and medicinals, vinegar is not to be taken lightly. The pH of vinegar is about 2.4, which tells us that it is highly acidic. While considered environmentally  “safe” – In almost all cases it should be diluted with water for topical or cleaning use and consumed with caution.

The benefits of Apple Cider vinegar are time proven and remain the same today as they were for Hippocrates in 400 B.C.

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