Could A “Bapple” Be The Best Snack Ever?

A “Bapple” is a great idea for snack time or anytime. A “Bapple” combines the best of an apple with the deliciousness of your favorite nut butter, and kicks it all up just a notch with a crunchy surprise. It could be the best snack ever! Intrigued? Read on.

Do you like apples? Sure, one a day keeps the doctor away, right? And how about nut butter, like say almond butter? Duh?!  So here’s an idea for a quick and fun snack that your kids will love. Make a “Bapple”!

Okay, I’ll admit my DL made the name up. (Thanks Jeff!) But that doesn’t keep a “Bapple” from being a hearty snack that your kids will go nuts for!

It’s quick to make and easy to eat. You don’t even need a plate. It’s a great on-the-go snack for everything from soccer practice to ballet lessons. Plus, it packs a healthy punch that will give your tikes afternoon energy. And you might just find that you’ll get addicted to “Bapples”, too.

Look, this is an easy idea that I’ve been making for years. But that doesn’t take away from the fun of this snack idea. Maybe the reason you haven’t thought of it yet is because you’ve never had a “Bapple.” So what are you waiting for?

How To Make A “Bapple”

You’ll need:

1 small (lunch box sized) apple

1-2 tablespoons of your favorite nut butter such as almond butter, cashew butter or even Nutella

Handful of granola, graham crackers or Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Crunchy Oats Honey Granola Bars, crushed (or if your are using the granola bars tear in smaller pieces)

Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Ground Cinnamon and Organic Ground Nutmeg

Raisins, dried cranberries or chocolate chips for garnish (optional)

Wash apple, core and cut in half. Using a melon baller or spoon, make a hollow in the center of each apple side, removing about 1/4 of the apple pulp. Fill each apple half with about 1 tablespoon of nut butter. Sprinkle with granola or a few of the graham crackers and cinnamon and nutmeg. Then sprinkle on a few chocolate chips, raisins or dried cranberries.  Enjoy!

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