Black Pepper and Batman – I mean Turmeric – to combat Breast Cancer

When a waiter graciously offers to grind some black pepper on your salad, he or she may be doing a lot more for you than spicing up your meal. Black pepper, long heralded for its culinary and preservative benefits, can be as beneficial to your health as it is pleasing to your palate. In addition to helping with digestion and aiding in transport and absorption of nutrients, studies have shown that piperine, the active substance in Pepper, has the ability to stall the progression of skin cancer, bowel, and colon cancer. But here’s the really exciting part… When combined with curcumin, the active substance in turmeric, it has been proven not only to eliminate breast cancer stem cells, but actually targets them specifically, without causing any damage to the normal breast cells.

Together these two super spices combine to give a hyper drive effect that far surpasses the benefit of either one alone, bringing new a new punch to this dynamic duo.

Nutrient synergy

Garden variety anti-inflammation

Black pepper more health benefits than you know

Turmeric and black pepper fight cancer stem cells Spices may prevent breast cancer

The amazing health benefits of black pepper

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