Could Blackstrap Molasses Transform Your Health?

It’s always fascinating how little changes can add up to big results when it comes to our health. Some of the greatest healers consistently point out how integrating powerful foods into our routine can help us feel better fast by fueling and healing the body. One of these powerhouse foods is probably something you’ve never even considered: Blackstrap Molasses.

Did you know that Blackstrap Molasses is chalk full of vital nutrients such as copper, iron, calcium and magnesium that can feed your body? One serving (two tablespoons) contains about 14 percent of our recommended daily intake of cooper, 13 percent of our recommended daily intake of iron, 12 percent of recommended daily intake of calcium and 7 percent of recommended daily intake of magnesium.

Often lacking in American diets, copper is an important trace mineral that works to build healthy skin and hair. It’s even shown to be beneficial when it comes to helping to fight the dreaded appearance of gray strands. People have reported that their gray hair actually reversed course after adding more copper to their diet!

When it comes to those who are anemic, blackstrap molasses provides a welcome dose of healthy iron. A group that might particularly benefit from an iron boost are women who experience anemia during their menstrual cycle and feel a bit “off,” but don’t know why. These women may have never even considered that anemia could be affecting their health.

Blackstrap Molasses also contains calcium and magnesium to help strengthen bones and improve mood and mental outlook. Again, some people may not have even considered that a calcium and magnesium deficiency could be making them feel out-of-whack. When you are choosing Blackstrap Molasses, make sure to look for a high quality organic brand that offers the biggest benefit and talk to your doctor about how it can be integrated into your overall health plan.


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