The Body Heals the Same Way it Develops

I love watching a patient’s eyes light up when they realize how easy it is to restore their health.  The body operates under certain principles and if we follow these basic principles, the healing process works out rather quickly.

One principle I’d like to share with you today is “the body heals the same way it develops.”

If we look at how the body develops, we have a model to follow for healing.  Isn’t that awesome?!! Let’s look at what happens during the fourth week in the womb.

The developing fetus at this stage is simply a gut tube and a spine.  Did you hear that, a gut tube and a spine?  In technical terms, it’s called the gastrula. Let’s look at this in a little more detail, the gut tube is the tube that begins in your mouth, runs all the way through the body (includes the stomach, small and large intestines) and ends in the anus.  So during the fourth week in the womb, the gut tube and the spine are one system.  This is why, when you get nervous, you feel it in your gut!

Now what is really interesting is that all of the other organs and systems “bud” or develop from this gut tube/spine.

For example, the brain develops from the gastrula.  Think about this for a minute.  This means that brain issues/ imbalances are gut issues/imbalances.  Mental illness such as, anxiety, depression, addictions, even sleep issues are related to an imbalance in the digestive system. While the brain runs all of the functions in the body it is totally dependent upon the gut.

Another very important system that buds from the gastrula is the body’s self-cleaning system.  This self-purifying system is often referred to as the filtration and drainage system.  The organs and systems associated with the filtration and drainage system are:  the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, lungs, and spleen.

This filtration and drainage system keeps everything clean.  This helps all of the cells in the body communicate with one another, and allows the cells to be able to uptake nutrition and to eliminate waste.

Sometimes this filtration and drainage system gets back up.  This happens if unhealthy foods are ingested for too long and/or if there are incomplete bowel movements.  Hot flashes, brain fog, bloating, irritability, fatigue and sexual dysfunction are indicators of a clogged filtration and drainage system.

Eating clean wholesome foods is one of the simplest ways to restore health.

The body is a mean green self-healing-machine! If we work with the design of the body, the healing process works out quickly and efficiently.  The health of the body is linked to the health of the digestive system, brain, and filtration and drainage system.  All disease begins and ends in the gut!

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