Why a brisk 20 minute walk can be a lifesaver for couch potatoes!

Calling all couch potatoes  –  a new study, published in January ’15, shows that adding even a small amount of physical activity, enough to burn about 100 calories would reduce the risk of early death by 16% to 30%.  Do I have your attention?  Great … here are the details:

  • information about 334,000 men and women from over a 12 year period was analyzed
    ● the researchers looked at physical inactivity and premature death and how it relates to obesity
    ●  data included height, weight, waist circumference and physical activity (which combined activity at work and recreational activity)
    ●  they found that about 23% of the participants had sedentary jobs (desk jobs) and no leisure physical activities (couch potatoes)
    ●  if this “inactive” group did some activity that burned between 90 and 100 calories a day (like a brisk 20 minute walk) they would move into the “moderately inactive” status and decrease their risk of premature death by 16 to 30%
    ●  the benefit was greatest in people with normal BMI, followed next by overweight individuals and lastly by obese folks.
    ●  all groups (normal, overweight and obese) benefited from adding the activity.

Well, once again, the evidence is there that getting up and moving is incredibly good for us.  It doesn’t need to be a brisk walk but it needs to be something!   Remember my post about the “exercise Hormone”?  You have so many choices.  If you hate to leave the house then do an exercise video at home!  Heck, Leslie Sansone’s walking videos are super popular and easy to do!

A daily commitment to even moderate physical activity will change your life for the better.  Heck, from the looks of things, it will likely extend your life!!  OK, no more excuses people …

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