How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without All The Candy

young couple kissing on a pier surrounded by red, heart shaped balloons

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and although you may want to show someone special that you love them, you may also want to skip all the sugar. Yes, Cupid, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day without all the candy.

Here’s how:

Write a romantic letter to your loved one. The first Valentine was written by St. Valentine, a man sentenced to death for his beliefs. Just imagine what this soulful letter he wrote to say good bye to his loved ones contained. Follow suit and put your feeling on paper. You may find that this romantic gesture will mean more that any box of candy ever could.

Make a homemade Valentine card for your sweetie. Personally, I love a construction paper Valentine. But in case you want something more DIY-fab, check out these ideas for some very cute and crafty Valentines from

Celebrate without food. Go to the movies, take a walk together, play a game (adult or otherwise, wink, wink!) Go to the symphony, to a museum or even take a nap. Treat yourself and your sweetheart to a little pampering at a local spa. The sky’s the limit here. And yes, it can all be done sans candy!

Now you can see that with a little planning and a bit of creativity, you can have a very sweet Valentine’s Day — no candy in sight! Well, at least until you ask your sweetie to give you some sugar.

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