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By choosing non-toxic toys for your little ones, you can feel good about sharing toys that are both fun and safe. Here are some natural, eco-friendly and educational choices that are great options for all the kids in your life.

Wild Republic
Fun comes naturally at Wild Republic because they educate children about the beauty and wonders of nature in entertaining and creative ways. They provide a wide range of safe, interactive and innovative toys that spark the imagination and make learning fun. Their Audubon Bird collection with plush birds and real bird calls, focuses on education and preservation of wildlife. Kids can learn about different types of birds, hear their beautiful songs and find out more about their migration and natural habitats.  

BeginAgain Toys
BeginAgain is a creative mix of old timey storytelling and responsibly crafted invention. Their mission to is to tell stories through toys, to teach through play, and to invent in partnership with the planet.  That’s why they use safe, earth-friendly materials like natural rubber, natural cotton fabrics, sustainably harvested woods, wheat starch plastic and bamboo.

Melissa and Doug
Melissa and Doug was started 25 years ago by a husband and wife team in the basement where Doug grew up. Since then, they have grown to offer more than 2,000 toys that focus on an innovative approach to learning. Their Smarty Pants card sets are designed to fit the skills and curriculum of each grade level. Each set features fun games and quizzes to reinforce learning, expand the imagination and explore the power of the mind. 

Green Toys Inc.
Green Toys Inc. makes an awesome line of classic children’s toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials. This helps reduce fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the overall health and happiness of the planet. Make sure to check out their non-toxic teethers and their super duper pink dumptruck. Girls like to play in the dirt, too! 

Crocodile Creek
Crocodile Creek provides a number of non-toxic and educational toy and accessory options for kids. Their NEW fun & challenging 200-piece puzzle sets come with a perfectly-sized wall poster and feature delightful and humorous illustrations. Packaged in a reusable storage canister, it’s a great way to discover and learn about the USA, Space and Ocean. Also, make sure to check out their easy travel puzzles for when you go on the road! These fun 100-piece puzzles come in a reusable pouch that is easy to take with you.

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