Coffee Conflicts

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O.K. Lets face it, if you love coffee it’s not much of a conflict, – you know it feels good, but is it good for you? Reports seem to change with the seasons, but here are some consistent findings. Surprise! Coffee perks you up, assists in mental acuity and elevates mood. (We needed a study for this?) On the other hand, while it does speed up metabolism, there are no proven long-term effects that show it aids in weight loss.

Like all studies the results are limited to the focus, and the analysis with regards to things like arthritis, focus on onset, not post-diagnosis issues.

Currently the consensus is that coffee is not a factor in heart disease or cancer; but it may actually lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and liver cancer. Like almost anything, too much can have adverse effects, – sleeplessness, anxiety or irritability are the most common, as well as acid stomach or digestive upsets.

It appears that in moderation, coffee is an invigorating addition to your day, and unless you are a member of the population with a genetic mutation that slows down the breakdown of caffeine in the body, you can enjoy a cup or two of this morning motivator without looking back over your shoulder.

Sorting Out Coffee’s Contradictions


Heavy coffee consumption linked to higher death risk

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