Connecting Your Children with Food Part 4

There is a saying that “What you pay attention to grows.” If you pay too much negative attention to “bad” foods, they loom, they provoke, they cast shadows.

O.K. that was creepy, but do you want your kids to grow up like the Adams family? Food is food for the most part. A little of anything is O.K., some things are just better choices than others. Studies have shown that limiting, and using food as a reward for kids can lead to eating disorders and other problems later.

The best defense is a good offense

Keep good food around. Don’t buy junk. Really. If there is good stuff around to eat, that’s what your kids (and you) will eat. Buy quality meat, fruits, fresh and dried, nuts, veggies, vegetable chips, and whole grains. As Steven Gaskin said: “You do too know what I mean.” Think of it as a voyage of discovery into the land of “Better.” Food is expensive. Don’t shortchange yourself by buying stuff that will haunt you later.

I find that sometimes the smallest changes in what I do, can add up to the biggest difference. If there is something you have done or discovered that has improved your way of eating and living with your kids – do tell! We’d love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, here are more ideas for connecting your children with food:

10 ways to raise food smart kids

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