How did you create positive change within your community this summer?

Please watch the video to see breastfeeding moms and supporters create positive change in NYC. This past week was World Breastfeeding Week, and in New York City, breastfeeding women and supporters joined forces in a Breastfeeding Subway Caravan to raise awareness of a women’s legal right to breastfeed comfortably in public. They began at City Hall in lower Manhattan, and then traveled together on the subway to Flatbush, Brooklyn to demonstrate and push for positive social change within their community. They chanted this along their way: “Breastfeeding is good for me! Mom’s know that it’s nutritious; Babies think that it’s delicious! Sound off, one, two, Sound off, three, four. Break it on down: one, two, three, four! BREASTFEED!”

Breastfeeding supporters at the gates of City Hall.

Signs of Support: “The Bronx Breastfeeds” and “My WIC Breastfeeding Counselor helped me breastfeed my baby.”

Breastfeed Anytime, Anywhere

This little cutie's t-shirt reads: "Got breastmilk?"

This little cutie’s t-shirt reads: “Got breastmilk?”

How did you create positive change within your community this summer? Please share your story with us and comment on this post. We would love to know what’s going on with you!

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