Create A Signature Cocktail For Your New Year’s Eve Celebration

pretty dark haired girl holding a holiday cocktail in foreground with party-goers in the background

Christmas is behind us and it’s finally time to party, New Year’s style. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are both a perfect time to host a gathering, and I think every good party should have a signature cocktail. A signature cocktail does two important things for the host or hostess — it gives a personal touch to your soiree, and it gives a bit of ease to your party budget.

With only one signature cocktail to deal with, you can concentrate on the other elements of your party, such as food and decorations. It makes going to the liquor store a breeze, because you can plan on buying only the few ingredients you need for that one beverage. An open bar, after all can be both costly and difficult to set up, because you need to stock so many different types of liquor as well as mixers.

You might think that having only one (or even two) signature drinks will be too limiting, but I have found the contrary to be true.  Most people will try the signature cocktail, especially if it’s made with known ingredients such as champagne, vodka or rum. I usually also offer one white wine, one red wine and a beer selection as well as soda and sparkling water. Most guests will be able to find something that they like from this selection.

So, If you’re planning a get-together this year, start planning on a signature cocktail.  Below are a few ideas from around the web that you might consider.

•The Barbotage is a delicious spin on the traditional champagne cocktail.

Gin And Honey is another sparkling choice, using pink champagne and could easily make use of an organic or local honey.

•The classic Martini is always a good choice for a crowd.  Easy to mix for many guests and sports that au courant Mad Men vibe.

Strawberry Cranberry Mule is a festive drink that makes use of in-season cranberries.

•For a refreshing non-alcoholic libation, try Pear Sparkler. It’s bubbly mix of pears and rosemary syrup hit just the right note.

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