The Difference You Can Make This Earth Day 2014

Wow! Today is the 44th Earth Day. As I woke up this morning I started thinking about the Earth itself, not just the planet, but the very soil beneath our feet. I think most of us slip through our days never realizing that the soil itself is a living breathing ecosystem that supports over 30% of the worlds organisms. If you were to take just one cup of undisturbed native soil and examine it up close, you would discover that it contains 200 billion bacteria and 328 feet of fungi. Think about it. We literally cannot live without the earth beneath our feet. Something that profound deserves our recognition,  and there is something we can do to celebrate, not just on Earth Day but every day to help support this amazing process, and that is to buy organic food. Organic agriculture is about feeding the soil itself, not just adding fertilizers and chemicals that ultimately strip the ground of nutrients.

So today as you walk or run or roll or crawl across the amazing Earth we share, consider this: If you were to choose just one organic product out of every ten things that you buy – and if you did that over the next year, and if everyone in America did that –  every time they shopped, it would rejuvenate close to 26,000 square miles of what is now depleted farm soil back to life, providing all of us with food that has avoided the use of artificial pesticides and chemicals.  How big is 26,000 square miles? For comparison, that’s half the size of the Mojave Desert. So, in the end, the little things really are the big things. If we all do our part we will share a healthier life and planet. Now that’s something to celebrate!

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