Don’t Go Without! Delicious, Cheap and Easy Breakfast!

I will admit I am cheap, especially when it comes to food. Its not that I don’t want good food, I do. It’s just that I don’t want to pay for it. And while I love the luxury of going out to eat (who doesn’t) and trying new things, I find that the food I enjoy most is what I make myself. Its gratifying to know that the ingredients I am using are good quality, and that the end result is a meal that I would pay a lot more for if someone else were preparing it. Add to this the fact that I am lazy, – O.K. there I said it. – When I find something easy to make that I love, I tend to make it often.

This morning I made one of my perennial favorites. It’s high in protein, has a fresh veggie, and I can have a delicious, “frig to plate” meal in under ten minutes. I’ve waited that long for breakfast at McFast Food sometimes.

Most days if I make this for brunch I only need some fruit and/or yogurt to carry me though to dinner.

  • Take one slice of Rye (or your favorite) bread
  • 1/2 tablespoon of mayonnaise
  • One big ripe juicy organic tomato
  • One slice of Swiss cheese
  • A little butter
  • Two fresh organic eggs

Melt butter in the pan

Pop the bread in the toaster while you start the eggs

When the toast comes up, spread the mayonnaise on it

Flip the Eggs so they can cook just past “over easy”

Next lay the swiss cheese down

Thick slice the tomato, and lay it on top of the cheese

Eggs are now ready

Lay them over the tomato, salt and pepper to taste

Fresh red or green pepper on top is really nice too if you have it,

Or you can scramble the eggs and add precooked bacon crumbles.

I sometimes exchange the Swiss cheese for Cheddar or Gouda or whatever I have on hand, and of course the type of bread is optional.

*When I get a request for stringent carb curbing, I just eliminate the bread. Lay the tomato and egg on a bed of lettuce, and chop a little fresh basil to add interest. Dress with balsamic and olive oil. – Its lovely and surprisingly filling.

You can a substitute mustard for mayonnaise, and olive oil for butter on the open face eggs if you like. Or skip both and just use a non-stick pan. For myself, I find there are some things that are worth the calories and or fat. *When I really enjoy a meal, I’m much less likely to overeat later.

Clean up is just one pan and one plate (or two.) For two people, just double the ingredients.


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