Are you a real “foodie”?

Everyone thinks they know a “foodie”. It’s that guy taking pictures of everything he eats and posting it immediately on Instagram. It’s that girl who isn’t ashamed to eat her weight in spaghetti and meatballs and then brag about it to her friends. Or, maybe it’s you who I’m talking about. You know who you are, foodie!

I have been a foodie for my whole life. First favorite food- pork dumplings.  My immediate reaction is to exclaim, “Yummm!” after taking a bite of something super tasty. However, I was never a fan of vegetables through adolescence, and I wouldn’t eat broccoli unless it was covered in cheese sauce until the age of 20 when I realized that wow, broccoli does taste pretty good raw or steamed with a little lemon juice and parmesan added.

The reason why I became a dietitian is because I wanted to learn everything about food. I knew early on that I didn’t want to work as a chef in an industrial kitchen so I opted to study nutrition in the classroom instead of going to culinary school. I do cook for “a living” though, combining my love of being in the kitchen with improving health and wellbeing of those I care for.

I feel the best way we should watch what we E.A.T. is to: Embrace life. Amaze yourself. Try everything! Real foodies follow this motto.

As much as I encourage my clients and patients to “watch what they eat,” it’s important to not become too obsessed with what you are eating. Obsessing can have detrimental effects on your mental wellbeing and lessen the healthy connection between you and the food on your plate. is a personal motto and applies to all areas of your life, with the intention of being a “well-rounded” person, and doesn’t just have to do food. It has to do with your entire life!

Try to enjoy every day and remind yourself that it’s okay if that picture of the delicious meatloaf your aunt made did not turn out as well as you would’ve liked. The fact that you sat down with family to enjoy a delicious meal is what really counts in life. Here’s to you, real foodie!

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