Easy Spring Savings Tips: How to Find Affordable Organic Products

Springtime is all about cleaning out your cabinets and clearing your mind. But, doesn’t it feel like every time you try to be healthier, it seems to cost a ton more money? Not to fear! Here are some easy spring savings tips to help you find affordable organic products that inspire a healthier lifestyle.

Organic Products Swap
Consider starting a simple product share program with three friends in your neighborhood to save money and find new organic products. On one of your shopping days each week buy two extra of your favorite organic products that are on sale and then share with your two friends. They will do the same so that you are swapping organic products. Not only does this save money, but it also helps introduce each of you to great products you might not have tried.

Be an Organic Beauty Scavenger
One of the biggest drains on a budget can be finding organic beauty products that don’t break the bank. You may be used to paying upward of $60 for an organic beauty cream and not know that there is an effective alternative for WAY less money. All you need to do is be a bit of an ingredient scavenger and you can find some great organic products to replace high cost ones. Simply look for the active ingredients used in your favorite high-priced products like coconut, almond, marula and argan and then simply buy these separately to use on hair and skin. Often times, you can get a large bottle that will last twice as long at a fraction of the cost of the fancy product. Best of all, it works just as good!

Dine In Organic One Week Per Month
Everyone loves to eat out from time to time, but have you ever stopped to think about how many times you are eating out each week and how much it’s costing you? Plus, lots of times restaurant food isn’t all that healthy, anyway. Try planning one week each month where you reset your system by eating in with a focus on going organic. Try revving up the flavor by utilizing Wild Oats Organic Spices and look to delicious recipes like my Nana’s Secret Spaghetti Sauce and Black Bean Dip for inspiration. Bon Appetit!

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