Easy Ways to Spice up Your Salads (and Increase the Nutrition, Too!)

Are you looking for easy ways to add a new taste, texture and more nutrition to your next salad? Here are some great ingredients you can use to liven up your lettuce and make your next salad more interesting and enjoyable.


Fresh sage is known to add a delicious flavor to soups and sauces and can also add zing to your next salad.  Try making a memorable sage dressing by combining a handful of sage with a cup of high-quality olive oil, half of lemon, one shallot and a tablespoon of honey. By including sage, not only are you ramping up the flavor, but you are also doing something good for you. In fact, in trials even small amounts of sage have been shown to significantly boost memory recall. It is thought to work by helping to improve the interconnectivity of the different parts of the brain. Also, interestingly the root of the Danshen, or Chinese sage, contains compounds that are similar to drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Hemp Seeds

Known as an up-and-coming Superfood, Hemp Seeds <link to http://www.walmart.com/ip/Organic-Shelled-Hempseed-Pouch-Nutiva-13-oz-Seed/31172384> contain Omega 3, 6, and 9 (the Essential Fatty Acids) and its very own unique compound which has been shown to promote learning and immune function. According to research performed at the University of Michigan, hemp seeds may stimulate the brain enzyme known as calcineurin, which helps increase brain synapse activity. Seeds can simply be sprinkled over your salad to create a great texture and taste!

Flax Lignan Gold

Some call flax the most powerful food on the planet and preliminary studies show that it may help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes.  Flax Lignan Gold is a delicious, certified organic, premium flaxseed oil that is cold expeller pressed in a closed environment. The product contains 20 percent flax particulate (approx. 2,800 mg per serving), which is an abundant source of beneficial plant lignans . Try incorporating flax into your salad dressing or simply drizzle a little on your veggies. Delicious and great for you, too!


Sage and Brain Health

Hemp Seed

Benefits of Flax Seed

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