Eat to Hydrate: Six High-Water Content Veggies

Now that spring is finally here (we hope!), the lure of warmer weather will certainly get you thinking about fun outdoor activities. And with that comes the importance of staying hydrated. If you appreciate variety, you know it doesn’t always have to come in a glass. And if you’ve got veggies on your mind, well that’s even better!

You can easily replenish fluids lost through exercise with the following water-rich vegetables and benefit from a nutrient-boost at the same time. Plus, all these hydrating foods are perfect to take along for the ride, run or walk:

  • Cucumbers are versatile vegetables, and at 96.7 percent water, lend themselves well to summer salads and chilled soup recipes. Or simply slice and pair with hummus or a slice of cheese to carry with you.
  • Celery is surprisingly nutrient-packed for being 95 percent water. Those slender stalks contain an impressive combo of fiber and needed minerals. Top with peanut butter, or cream cheese, and you’ve got yourself an ideal post-workout snack.
  • Radishes actually contain more water than watermelon (!) and deliver a pleasing spicy-sweet crunch. Dice and toss them in with a variety of salads and dips, or bring them along just as they are.
  • Green bell peppers are 94 percent water, easy to snack on and loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C.
  • Cauliflower is a superfood in disguise, because of its pale appearance and somewhat bland taste. But it’s 92 percent water, provides phytonutrients and can help lower cholesterol and fight cancer.
  • Cauliflower’s green relative, broccoli is close in water content but packs even more nutrition.

Sufficient hydration is essential for making every system of the body function better, and will have positive effects on skin, hair, digestion and overall performance.  So why make it a ‘watered-down’ experience when taking a veggie break can be so much more enjoyable and invigorating?

Just be forewarned — the person who takes veggie snacks along on a hike will always be asked to share them with those who only thought to bring water!

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