Every Food Comes With a Fortune

I ordered some Chinese takeout the other night (I am a sucker for dumplings and steaming hot stir-fry) and when I finished my dinner, I, of course, reached for free fortune cookie included with every meal.

I usually only eat half the cookie. They’re always stale, probably chock full of preservatives, and they don’t really taste like much so therefore not worth the calories. However, I am superstitious, and therefore paranoid that if I don’t eat at least half of the cookie and receive a good fortune from it, then it won’t come true. I’ll be doomed until the next time I order Chinese takeout.

I know this is nonsensical, but really, I don’t think I can change this part of my personality. I can be pretty stubborn about things I believe are true yet don’t really make sense in this world. Things like, taking advice from a stale fortune cookie.

And, I really do love reading my fortune- I’ll take any encouraging thoughts, predictions of a happy life, or words of inspiration I can get. And rarely is the fortune inside the cookie a dud. One of my most favorite fortunes I received was, “If you are still hungry, then eat another fortune cookie.” Genius! Except, I was really full and adamantly stuck with my half-the-cookie rule.

I get so much humor from this entertaining, end-of-the-meal activity that I thought to myself, “Wow, I wish every food came with a fortune.” But then, I thought some more, and realized that this is already true- every food does come with a fortune.

As the saying goes- You are what you eat.

So what does my half-the-cookie rule say about me? I’m not sure, but it probably goes along with one of my other favorite sayings- There is always room for improvement.

Do you have any strange rule that you live by? Please humor us with your “Something I live by” saying!

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