Foods to Fight Spring Allergies

It can be hard to enjoy all the beautiful blooming plants when you are suffering from spring allergies. To make it even more challenging, allergy season is striking early this year. Thankfully, you can utilize some simple foods to fight spring allergies naturally. Of course, make sure to consult with your doctor to come up with the best allergy-fighting plan for you.

Natural Antihistamines
Simply put, antihistamines are substances that help your body from releasing histamines, which can trigger runny noses, congestion, red eyes and hives. Research has shown that everyday items from your kitchen like garlic, apples and broccoli contain beneficial flavonoids that help prevent both the manufacture and release of histamine. One simple remedy for red and irritated eyes is placing organic red potato slices over closed eyelids. Red potatoes contain a variety of nutrients including Vitamin C.

Liver Toxicity and Allergies
Researchers have made a compelling connection between liver toxicity and allergies. Through the filtering process, the liver plays a substantial role in reducing the effect an established or potential allergen will have on the body. When the liver gets backed up with toxins, it can send out hyperactive signals for the body to produce histamines. Thus, some people have found consistent and long-term allergy relief by cleansing and building the liver. Foods such as apples and grapefruits have shown to be effective in liver cleansing as well as bitter herbs – such as those found in a Swedish Bitters formula.

Onion Allergy-Fighting Soup
Onions contain Quercetin, which is a compound that works to naturally fight spring allergies. Making a quick, onion soup can help to thwart off allergies and provide a delicious meal. Simply cut up one onion (leave the skin on) and boil with two cloves of garlic for about 15 minutes. At the same time, boil and prepare some brown rice pasta. (Note: Do not use wheat pasta as wheat can spark allergens.) Drain the broth, add the brown rice pasta and season with parsley, salt and pepper. Enjoy hot and inhale the nourishing qualities of the onion and garlic deep into your nostrils. Feels great!

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