The Gateway Green Smoothie

The great thing about green smoothies is that they are packed, packed, packed with nutrients and fiber. Smoothie making this is different from “juicing”; when you juice, you are extracting only the juices from the fruit or vegetable for consumption, and discarding the fibrous part, making a thin liquid.

However, smoothies are thicker than juices because they still contain the fiber of the fruit or vegetable. When you make a smoothie, you are taking the whole fruit and vegetable and basically just pureeing them into a smooth enough texture so that when combined with other liquids, you can drink them.

Here is a recipe for what I like to call the “Gateway Green Smoothie”. This smoothie can be made in an average household blender set on high speed. This smoothie tastes amazing, is easy on the palate, and will help you open your gut up to greener pastures.

For one smoothie:

-8 ounces unsweetened organic coconut water

-a few ice cubes

-1 organic banana

-1 cup fresh organic kale

– 1 small spoonful organic extra-virgin coconut oil

Blend on high speed until smooth, pour in a tall glass and enjoy as an addition to your breakfast meal, or as a mid-morning or afternoon refreshment.


For more information please read the blog, “Eating Versus Drinking Calories: What’s the Difference?”

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