Get your teen to eat more veggies

Boil, steam, sauté and salad. That’s pretty much summarizes how most of us prepare and consume our veggies. So it’s really no wonder that often times veggies are thought of as a little bit of a bore. Probably that’s why lots of us don’t get nearly enough variety of vegetables, especially our teenagers. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, even though vegetable consumption among teens is on the rise, there is sometimes a focus on starchy vegetables, like French fries. So how do you get your teen to eat more veggies? And a better variety?

Thankfully with the rise of the raw food movement, more people are saying “hello” to beautiful broccoli and savory squash by simply learning how to make vegetables more interesting and appealing. Not only that, but eating raw foods preserves valuable nutrients that are missing from most Western diets. So how does one learn more about raw food preparation? Check out the number of wonderful raw food cookbooks available today that boast a bevy of beautiful flavors.

One of my favorite raw food cookbooks is Living Raw Food by Sarma Melngailis. The recipes are from the legendary  Pure Food and Wine restaurant and represent a mixture of delicious gourmet and everyday options. Try starting with the salads—so amazing and easy, even your teens will ask for seconds. Also, make sure to check out Sarma’s amazing Web site to find a number of veggie and raw food friend products. By discovering just a few veggie friendly recipes your teen likes, you can take one step closer to better health.

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