Should you go gluten-free? Probably not.

Going “gluten-free” is the new Atkins, a fad diet that has base in science but, unless you have legitimately been diagnosed with Celiac disease, or the less extreme condition of gluten intolerance, I don’t see why any one would want to stop eating foods that contain wheat, such as bread and pasta. It is also not healthy to cut out an entire food group, such as carbohydrates, from your diet. The key to a healthy diet is BALANCE, meaning eating all different kinds of foods, especially fresh foods and whole grains, every day.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease and should be taken very seriously. It is an extremely painful condition to live with, and causes all sorts of discomfort caused by both physical and emotional ailments related to the disease.

There is also what is called gluten intolerance, and gluten sensitivity, which is not the same as Celiac disease. People who have this condition can experience bloating, indigestion and tiredness after eating a meal rich in carbohydrates that contain gluten, however they do the suffer as much from the extremeness that comes with a disease diagnosis of Celiac.

On The Daily Show with John Stewart, Jennifer Esposito, who wrote a book called Jennifer’s Way, discusses her battle with Celiac disease on June 24, 2014. John Stewart also opens up about his son’s struggle with the disease. It is one of the most informative and heart-felt television clips I have seen about this popular diet debate. Please watch the link below for more information.



Bottom line: Before you start a gluten-free diet, consult your doctor.

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