Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids During The Summer

The two most important words to a kid may sometimes be the two scariest words for a Mom. They bring joy to boys and girls across the world as they daydream during the rough Winter months. They bring smiles to their faces as the Spring time turns warmer. And they give Mom’s a sense of trepidation when they are uttered. Those two words are, of course…Summer vacation!

Summer vacation can be stressful for parents when they realize they now have to feed their kids (and often times, a few that aren’t their own) three meals a deal. Coming up with healthy lunch ideas for kids during the Summer may seem like a daunting task now but with these 3 ideas, you’ll find it’s nothing to worry about.

1. Keep them active – I have always found that my kids eat a lot better after we’ve been outside and active. Whether we have gone on a hike, a bike ride or swimming at the pool, they always devour the healthy foods I’ve packed them. Give your kids a wholesome sandwich made with Wild Oats Organic Bread, natural peanut butter and fruit spread. Pair this with some fresh fruit and veggies and a treat like Wild Oats Organic Cookies.

2. Freeze it – Kids love smoothies! Moms should, too! They are a great place to sneak healthy ingredients in without the kids knowing. Start with Wild Oats Frozen Fruit (we like the Berry Medley). Add in a banana, spinach, protein powder or soft silken tofu. We like to boost the smoothies in my house with some ground flax seed and chia seeds! Bonus tip – if you have leftover smoothie, freeze them in popsicle molds for a frozen treat later on.

3. Individualize – There is something about eating out of individualized containers that kids love. Whether you use compartmentalized containers, muffin tins or even small bowls, kids seem to eat better. Take your muffin tins and put pieces of cut up fruit, veggies, pieces of cheese, small bites of granola bars or even healthy snacks in each muffin well. Serve them buffet style with toothpicks for picking up. The kids will love it and forget it’s all healthy!

For healthy snacks when you are on-the-go, pack individual applesauce containers, bags of fresh fruit and veggies, hummus and peanut butter for dipping, granola bars and popcorn in individual bags.

All of these ideas are budget friendly, there’s no need to blow your grocery budget by creating elaborate lunches now that the kids are home. Moms, there is no need to stress. Feeding your kids healthy foods this Summer is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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