How to Make Nutrient Packed Hair and Skin Masks

Everyone loves to play outdoors, but no one likes the toll the sun can take on hair and skin. Thankfully, you can make easy and super-rich hair and skin masks to feed and nourish hair and skin when you need it most. After you give them a try, share your experiences in the comments below. Also, use the comments section to share your own recipes for healthy hair and skin!

Superberry Hydrating Mask
You can give your skin soothing relief from excess sun by creating a superberry hydrating mask. This intensely-hydrating masque features a variety of potent superberries to cool and rehydrate even the driest skin. Simply take 4 tsp of natural clay and mix it with acai and goji berry power and a touch of water to make a paste. Add a touch of coconut oil to your mixture and apply to the skin. The powerful antioxidants in these berries help feed tired and sun-dried skin to give it new life.

Wheat Germ and Avocado Oil Hair Conditioning Treatment
Wheat germ oil, otherwise known as “triticum vulgare” on labels, is a very nutrient-rich plant-derived oil that contains longer-chain fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It is especially valued for its high content of tocopherols (Vitamin E), known to provide many health benefits. When used in combination with avocado oil—which also contains vitamin E and proteins to soothe frizz—it can give sun-damaged hair much needed nutrients. To make your own your own hair mask, just mix equal parts wheat germ oil and avocado oil and apply to your hair to help rescue it from the effects of the sun. You can dab on as a leave in conditioner and hair-shiner or use it as a deep conditioner that you leave on for 20 minutes and then wash out when you shampoo.

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