How To Make An Ice Burger

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Watching your gluten, carbs,  sugar or processed food intake can make you feel healthy and great. But what happens when all you crave is a juicy burger? Well, I have a solution for you. A wonderful way to enjoy all that beefy goodness without gluten, added sugar or carb overload. I’m going to show you how to make an Ice Burger.

It’s called an Ice Burger because you wrap the whole shebang inside an iceberg lettuce leaf. Once you try it, you may like it so much that you never crave that bun again!

Many greens, and I mean almost every kind –from romaine to butter lettuce  and even cabbage, make a surprisingly good substitute for a slice of bread. The trick is to use large outer leaves, and wrap carefully around your filling. After you try an Ice Burger, try this same technique with almost any other sandwich filling. Think Ice Dog hotdogs, Ice Ham Sammy, or even BLT on L! And of course it goes without saying that a Veggie on Veggie is also great. Top with a spoon of fresh salsa or pico de gallo for a spicy treat.

How To Make An Ice Burger

For 1 Ice Burger you’ll need:

1 cooked hamburger patty

2-4 large, whole, completely dry leaves of iceberg lettuce (Outer leaves are best)

Any condiments you like such as sliced tomato, sliced pickles, sliced onion, ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.


First, lay one whole leaf of the iceberg lettuce on a plate.


Next. add your hamburger patty and toppings. Add whatever you like on a traditional hamburger –even mustard, mayo, ketchup. Whatever you like. (I like tomato, pickle, onion, and mustard!) Place everything in the middle of the lettuce, so you have the core of the lettuce at the bottom and most of the leafy part at the top.


Now, for the finale. Wrap the leafy part of the lettuce toward the burger patty. Close the core ends of the lettuce over the remaining exposed part of the hamburger patty. If necessary or desired, take another leaf of lettuce, and wrap it around the entire burger, covering any exposed areas and making sure that our toppings are secured inside the lettuce.

Voila! You’ve made your first ice burger! Enjoy!

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