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Can you believe that it’s already time to say goodbye to 2014? As we enter 2015, check out some inspiring natural products that can help you keep your New Year’s resolutions and maybe even uncover new ones.

A Lot To Say
Find more unique ways to recycle by looking at the clothing you wear! Every single clothing item and accessory from this forward-thinking company is made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles that are broken down into incredible fabrics. (Just one single tee saves over 60 bottles from going to landfill). In addition, they use an exclusive No Water Dye Technology to save our precious resources. One traditional cotton tee takes over 700 gallons of fresh water to create. The combination of this technology means every item is 100% Toxin-Free, wears up to 6 times longer and will never return to landfill. Plus the clothes feature inspiring messages around love, peace and connecting to remind us all that we can make a difference.

Turn inward to make this year the best, yet! Gaiam provides a variety of healthy, eco-friendly products for stress relief and to stimulate your mind. For instance, The Still Point Inducer provides gentle pressure on the “still point,” a quiet pause in the rhythm of the craniosacral system that safely allows a feeling of remarkably deep relaxation. Also, the Relax and Restore DVD helps you to learn natural ways to slow your mind and refresh your senses.

Love and Toast
Why not start out the New Year, with a new inspiring fragrance that isn’t full of chemicals? Love and Toast believes in “natural not neutral.” Thus, they strive to create natural beauty formulas that are functional and vigorously tested for performance. You’ll find products loaded with the very best natural and organic ingredients that deliver a luxurious, skin-nurturing experience. Make sure to check out the Paper Flower and Mandarin Tea fragrances which are fresh, light, and uplifting.

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