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One of Wild Oats defining missions it to offer delicious organic food at a great price point so more people can live healthy on a budget. Check out what our customers are saying about the line and make sure to join the #organics4less movement and enter to win great prizes!

“I just want to thank you for the Wild Oats brand. As a mother of three, feeding my family healthy organic food felt impossible because of the cost. That is until you showed up in my local Walmart stores! My only complaint is that the Springfield MO Wal-Mart stores don’t carry all of your products and I really wish they did!” – Susan S.

“Wild Oats has the BEST organic soups anywhere! Walmart is stocking it, but if you see it, buy it fast – it is flying off their shelves at the four Walmarts where I shop. I have not been disappointed with any Wild Oats canned products – and will start looking for Wild Oats in the freezer sections next! I am thrilled to find this brand!” – Cathy R.

“I’ve never had a Wild Oats product that I didn’t love. It’s great to have food that tastes like food again! My kitchen is starting to fill with Wild Oats products…they are EVERYWHERE!!!” – Melanie P.

“Hey guys! So last week I found some awesome stuff at Walmart and had to share! I’ve been impressed with some of the new organic lines from Walmart (like) Wild Oats Marketplace. I love that they have organic spinach especially for my green smoothies! I also love their Wild Oats brand hot sauce and salsa too. You wouldn’t think Walmart would have much in the way of healthy but they’re improving! Love that they are getting affordable organic food, great for anyone (like me) on a budget!” – Blue Ridge Babe (Blogger)

“Love the products we are able to get and hoping our Walmart will carry much much more! I think I will talk to the store manager and ask them to please carry more Wild Oats products! I have went to three different stores in search of products… hopefully either more available online for shipping or more available in stores!” – Ashley U.

“I just wanted to THANK YOU Wild Oats! Thank you for giving me organic options at a price I can afford to pay! In a world of GMO foods (which I detest), you’ve given me and my family new options at the grocery store. I just LOVE YOU so much! Your pasta sauce ROCKS! Your long grain and wild rice is DELISH! And so on! THANK YOU SO MUCH!” – Carolyn D.

“My wife found your salsa today….after having all kinds of salsa for years, I gotta say yours is the best tasting I’ve had. We’re big salsa eaters and we’re HOOKED. It tastes fresh like we made it ourselves. Absolutely love it!” – Kevin C.

“You guys are amazing and I proudly applaud you for providing organic foods at incredibly reasonable prices. Bravo and thank you!!!” – Melissa B.

“Thank you for affordable organic products! I’m so happy that our Walmart is carrying your brand!!!” – Vicki S.

“I love Wild Oats!! We almost strictly use Wild Oats products! Our Walmart isn’t carrying a few items that they were originally and we are encouraging everyone to use them! I’ve lost 20 lbs going organic and Whole grain!! Love it!!!‬” – Allison R.

What Wild Oats product moved you to join the #affordableorganics movement? Please leave your comments below!

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