Just Show Up

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Today, I reinforced, for myself, a very important part of life. I think it’s worth talking about — how important it is to Just Show Up.

Whether you want to or not, if invited or asked, always, just show up. It’s that simple. Let me give you two examples, and I’ll show you how they tie together.

A few weeks ago, after Expo West 2015, I was suppose to go to Palm Springs to meet with an amazing man named Dr. Gundry. He’s a doctor that I’ve worked with on trends, issues and products, as well as some personal health issues. I was exhausted from the show, and the last thing I wanted to do was drive to Palm Springs.  All morning, I was thinking, I’m just going to cancel. My head was overwhelmed, and I was, I’ll admit, a bit overstimulated.

Then, at the last minute, I said to myself, “I’m going.” I just got in my car and took off. Two hours later, I’m at a restaurant with Dr. Gundry, who was already sitting at a table waiting for me. But, fortunately for me, the guests I’d invited where an hour late (They didn’t get off the golf course in time!)

Anyway, at first, I felt a bit irritated. But I sucked it up, sat down at the table and ordered a glass of wine with Dr. Gundry.

He started telling me about his most recent work, and I was amazed — lost in the conversation — and I completely forgot that our guests where late. I looked up and poof… they where there!

Then, of course, the conversation switched and became more social and engaging. Nothing like the discussion that took place before they got there.  At that moment though,I was just so glad I showed up.

Fast forward, three days later, and I was faced with the same deal, I had to drive to L.A. for a meeting. I really didn’t want to drive four hours in stop and go traffic, and truthfully, I could’ve done the meeting by phone. But, again, last minute and feeling guilty, I jumped in the car and went. Yes, at 5-in-the-a.m., I was on the road to L.A. for a 9 a.m. meeting.

Whoa, Nelly! I walked into that meeting with absolutely nothing to offer but a smile, and the CEO of the company said,  “Anthony, the reason we want to meet with you is we have changed our distribution strategy and we need a more sophisticated product. What do you think?”

Immediately, I said, “Well, I was just at a dinner on Sunday with Dr. Gundry and he was talking about this. So, what if we did this as a product?”

Yup, you can’t make it up! Everyone was high-fiving — so excited. And the four hour drive back? I  was rockin’ out with loud music. I got home and I said — OMG — this is a classic example, Just Show Up!

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