Choose A Positive Connection To Avoid Mental Fog

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Coming off the Natural Products Expo, I’ve realized one thing in a big way. We, as humans, where never meant to experience the type of emotional and business stimulus that comes from bringing 70,000 passionate people together. Even if it is for a good reason… health and wellness. It creates what I call Natural Products Stimulus Fog.

Let me tell you what I mean.

Last night, in a post-expo haze, I drove to Palm Springs for a meeting with Dr. Steve Gundry.

Gundry is one of the most incredible doctors I know. He is humble, brilliant, and has done incredible things like reversing my vitiligo. He’s helped more than 50 friends break the cycle of statins. He’s healed them without anything more than a blood test.

But, even though he’s an amazing doctor — and a friend — I didn’t feel up to meeting with him. My mind was fatigued. The blurry mind I had as I drove to Palm Springs was because I was not focused on health and wellness — I was focused on the transactional part of the show. And that is what creates the fog, the mental exhaustion.

So why am I going down this path? It is simply this, health and wellness are attributes that you can’t buy, you can only experience them. And coming off the show, it was clear to me… It’s not the products, it’s not the money, it’s not the business acumen that is the most important part of an experience like Natural Products Expo. It’s the spirit, its the love, that’s what’s really important.

The emotion is what matters, which brings me to the part that I lose sight of all the time — just forget the transactional part. Do something nice for someone.

In other words, just forget all the business/transactional part of all of this and do something nice for someone today.

Ok, I will tell you a story (but maybe I shouldn’t.) There was a woman at the show, a beautiful woman named Sally. She is in the industry and I ran into her at the Expo. We were talking and she asked for some info from me. I said, “I will text you right now.” I jokingly said her name was under Sexy Sally. Well, she lit up like a light bulb.

I really didn’t have her in my phone that way, but she was so excited I couldn’t tell her it wasn’t true. It made her feel so good, and I thought, yes, its the emotion that matters.

Doctors, like Steve Gundry, who know that everything we experience and everything we eat impacts us — impacts our health and wellness — understand the total impact of all experiences on us. It’s not numbers and dollars, it’s the emotion that matters.

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