You might as well get all the nutrition food has to offer!

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Say you’re standing in the produce aisle selecting some lunchbox snacks. Should you go with the organic apples or not? How about bananas, or peaches. Let’s move over to bread, or maybe chips and cookies. Organic or not? Does it really matter all that much?

Those differences may be “invisible” to your eye, but what’s different about organic food goes far deeper than you may have realized.

In addition to exposing you and your kids to poisons that can accumulate and interact in the body, chemically cultivated foods can be shortchanging you when it comes to getting all the nutrition food has to offer.

Dave Carter recently reported on several new studies that (again) show organic foods have “substantially higher” levels of antioxidants than most conventional versions do.

And that alone is important enough to make that produce aisle decision a no-brainer.

But as they say, “Wait, there’s more!”

Another big advantage in choosing organic processed foods is that they don’t contain any artificial colors, flavorings, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or partially hydrogenated oils. When you buy organic, you might even be able to leave your label-reading glasses at home!

What it all boils down to is a choice between foods that are probably less beneficial, and can contain traces of toxic chemicals, versus foods not treated with poisonous chemicals and that have retained a much higher nutritional value.

After all, you can only eat so much in a given day. So why not at least get the most you can from it in terms of nutritional value?

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