Miracles and Murder

Once Upon a Time, a King, afraid for his throne, gave orders for the massacre of all children two and under, so that a child who he feared would unseat him, could not live to take his throne.

Real soldiers carried out those orders. Unimaginable horrors and suffering resulted.

Such is the power of Kings.

Meanwhile, the child that King Herod sought to murder, escaped with his family because of a dream. He grew to adulthood, changing the future and changing the world.

Such is the power of dreams.

What were the chances? A baby born in a barn vs  a cruel and murderous King? And yet…

This is the hope that lies at the heart of the Season, the triumph of Peace, over Principalities and Powers. The importance of one small, seemingly insignificant child, in the great striving for purpose, place and things.

And so, as the darkest time of the year tips toward the light, the light reaches into the belly of the New Year, full of promise, made of dreams.

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