Natural products to heal pet emotions

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People know that pets have emotions, but rarely do we think of helping our pets with their emotional baggage. Perhaps this is because our furry family members can’t verbalize their needs. However, you can help your pet feel more balanced and secure with natural products to heal pet emotions.

For instance, some animals have been subjected to puppy mills and animal shelters prior to landing in a loving home.  Experiences like these can take a toll on pets, even years later. Or, perhaps your fluffy friend feels sad when you leave or nervous to get a haircut. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

Bach Flower Essences for Pets
Bach makes a wonderful line of remedies for your pet’s emotional needs. The Bach Flower Remedies for Animals utilizes homeopathic principles to help man’s and woman’s best friend become more balanced. You’ll find remedies for everything from jealousy and depression to fear and anger.

Pet Essences
Is your cat feeling down since you got that new kitten, or is your dog upset over a move to a new house? Pet Essences uses the ancient practice of  flower essences to help heal emotions. These powerful remedies have been utilized by pet owners for everything such as anxiety, fear, emotional stability and travel.

Composure Max Liquid
Composure Max Liquid contains three key ingredients: C3™ colostrum, L-Theanine  and B vitamins (thiamine) to help pets with environmental stressors, such as traveling, boarding, thunderstorms, vet visits and grooming. It can be used on an as-need basis or to provide longer-term support. 

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