Natural Ways to Rev Up the Romance

Set off sparks just in time for Valentine’s Day. Here are some natural ways to rev up the romance!

Good Clean Love
Good Clean Love products provide healthy and organic alternatives to the petrochemical and paraben laden intimacy products that dominate the sexual health market. Their mission is to increase both the quantity and quality of loving relationships on the planet by providing natural and organic products free of parabens and petrochemiclas.

Love Crystals and Stones
Crystals and stones have been used for centuries to inspire love and passion. In fact, in the Tibetan culture crystals are considered to be sacred healing objects and ancient Egyptians utilized stones to bring power and clarity. So do crystals and stones really work? One interesting explanation is to look at crystals and their piezoelectric effect. Simply put, crystals help to harness and emit energy, which may explain their power. This is most witnessed in the quartz watch movement that uses crystal interaction.

Stones and crystals that are known to be specifically good for love and romance include rose quartz, amethyst, cornelian and chrysocolla. You can wear them, place them over an important picture or document, or even put them under your pillow at night. Please note: it is important to clean stones and crystals before use by emerging in salt overnight. This removes any stored up energy so that your crystal or stone is ready for your specific use.

Libido Boosting Foods
There are certain everyday foods that you can eat to help rev up the passion. Spicy foods like chilies are known to spice up your love life because they contain capsaicin, which revs up the blood flow and endorphins to promote arousal. Ginger Root is another choice because of its positive effect on hormones, which can help increase stamina and desire. A somewhat surprising choice is celery, which contains androsterone, the hormone that gives men a subtle smell that turns women on.

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