Need a new winter workout? Try Budokon!

Developed from more than 20 years of experience by Cameron Shayne, Budokon fuses elements of martial arts, yoga and meditation into one exhilarating workout. Cameron started by training folks like Jennifer Aniston and then used his knowledge to start his own powerful workout.

The Budokon Beginner Practice DVD with Cameron Shayne is designed to get your Budokon practice headed in the right direction. It includes a helpful breakdown of Budokon moves such as modified crescent, cat stance front kick and pivot punch so you can learn the mechanics to get your practice off on the right pace. You’ll find step-by-step instruction, which helps you ease into Budokon without getting bored.

The workout begins with fast-paced yoga sequences to deeply stretch the body, followed by classic martial art moves to build strength and ends with a brief meditation to prep the mind. Even though the workout may seem intimidating at first, the more you practice, the more you’ll get the hang of it. Before long, the moves will almost feel like something that your body is designed to do. That is when you can really reap the benefits of the workout. It’s important to remember that in this system, the longer the practice, the more your body will respond.

From the instructor Cameron Shayne: “The Budokon practice for the average person out there, what it brings to our culture that is so material, focused and driven – it brings you back to the Earth. It brings you back to some tranquility, some center, some real true art. You want to feel art again? Practice something like this. Budokon cultivates people, it cultivates the human spirit.”

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