15 Odd Vinegar Lifehacks

Who knew this pantry staple was so versatile?  Here are some surprisingly strange and wonderful everyday uses for vinegar.

Did you know vinegar can: 

1. Help You Lose Weight by drinking a mixture of one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.  It will effectively control your appetite for several hours.

2. Prevent Static Cling Without Dryer Sheets by adding one cup vinegar to each wash load.  Now you can give up costly dryer sheets forever.

3. Remove Chewing Gum That’s Stuck In Your Hair by putting an ice cube on the gum to freeze it.  Then saturate the area that has the gum on it with vinegar. The rest of the gum will actually dissolve, and you can slide it off your hair. If the vinegar is heated first the process will work faster.  This same process will work on furniture or clothes, too.

4. Grow Beautiful Azaleas.  Azaleas love acidic soil, so periodically water plants with a mixture of two tablespoons vinegar to one quart water. The vinegar increases the soil acidity, so voila! beautiful azaleas!

5. Freshen A Room with an open dish of white distilled vinegar. It will help remove unpleasant smells like paint or fish odors from a room.

6. Soothe A Sore Throat with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, water and honey.

7. Stop Athlete’s Foot by soaking your feet in white distilled vinegar.

8. Stop The Hiccups by drinking a teaspoon of white distilled vinegar.

9. Extend The Life Of Your Pantyhose if you rinse your hose with water containing 1 tablespoon of white distilled vinegar.

10. Clean The Dishwasher by adding a cup of vinegar to the bottom of your dishwasher and letting it run through the whole cycle once a month.  Vinegar will reduce soap build up on the inner mechanisms and on glassware.

11. Clean And Restore Leather Goods by rubbing a cotton ball or cloth soaked in vinegar over them.  The vinegar will remove salt, dirt and stains while bringing back shine.  And don’t worry about the smell.  Once dry, vinegar has no odor.

12. Prolong And Brighten Propane Lanterns by soaking new wicks for several hours in white vinegar and letting them dry before inserting. Propane lanterns will burn longer and brighter on the same amount of fuel.

13. Remove Decals, Bumper Stickers And Price Tags by soaking a cloth in vinegar and covering the decal or bumper sticker for several minutes until the vinegar soaks in. The decals and bumper stickers should peel off easily.

14. Clear Mineral Deposits From Your Steam Iron by filling the water tank with white vinegar. Turn the iron to the steam setting and steam-iron a soft cloth to clean the steam ports. Repeat the process with water, then thoroughly rinse out the inside of your iron.

15. Make A Rubber Chicken Bone,  This is possibly my favorite way to use vinegar, mostly because it freaks people out.  Soak a chicken bone in vinegar for several days and it will become rubbery and pliable. Ewwwwww!

These are just a few of the everyday uses for vinegar–a product that you probably already have in your pantry. Now that you know about all the uses for vinegar, how will you use it today?

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