Organic Food – Healthier for You and Your Family

About twelve years ago a group of us in the Organic industry were very frustrated about the fact that the campaign for organic seemed to be mainly about  what isn’t in organic food,- herbicides and pesticides.  We knew back then that the larger story was really about how much better it was holistically for the planet and nutritionally for people. We knew from studies that organic was as much as 30% higher in nutrient density, polyphenols and vitamins, but somehow we just weren’t communicate that in a way that could breakthrough the eco-political static. Over time as more and more studies on organic have been conducted, we’ve come to find out that the benefits are even greater than we first thought. The chart below by the Organic Center of Education and Promotion shows not only some of the carcinogenic effects of conventionally produced foods, but also the omega 3 comparison for milk. When organic milk is sporting 62 % more Omega 3’s, –  that pretty much speaks for itself.

Organic Food - Healthier for You and Your Family

Organic Food – Healthier for You and Your Family

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