Does Pecan Pie make an appearance at your holiday gathering? Good!

OK, so the question that I presented was simple … Does Pecan Pie make an appearance at your holiday gatherings?  My “Good!” comment is presuming that your answer is “Yes!”!  Pecan pie has been a staple of Thanksgiving and Christmas dessert tables for decades in our family.   My personal favorite parts of the pie are the toasted pecans and the crisp crust!

Pecans are delicious and healthy.  They are a nice source of phytosterols and contain protein, fiber, several vitamins and about a dozen minerals.  Like all nuts, pecans are high in fat, but it is almost entirely unsaturated, a healthy fat for supporting proper cholesterol levels.

A study scheduled to be published in Feb ’15, looks at the effect of pecans on cholesterol issues, on cellular vitality and on anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory mechanisms.  The study looked at the effect of the phytosterols only, the oil only or the whole pecan in laboratory animals provided a high fat diet.  All the animals showed increases total cholesterol and leptin (a hormone associated with obesity) when fed just the high fat diet.  The results showed that, although the pecan oil and the pecan phytosterols had good effects, the best results came when whole pecans were added.  The whole pecan group showed:
●  decreased total cholesterol
●  prevention of increased leptin hormone
●  improved the production of enzymes associated with cellular health
●  improved anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory enzymes

Pecan Pie at the holidays is a nice dessert choice.  Making one that is delicious and is healthier too feels good.  I came across a great recipe a couple of years ago.  It is a no butter, no corn syrup recipe that drops the calories and saturated fats way down, and tastes great!  With a prep time of only about 30 minutes, it also works in my busy schedule!

Pecan pie is one of those holiday desserts that proves that a little can go a long way.  You don’t need a big slice.  One smaller slice works for most people.  Cut your pie into thinner slices!  You’ll be amazed at how fast it disappears!  Yumm ….

Additional Resource:

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